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Sydney Desalination Plant Concrete Monitoring

When in operation, Sydney Desalination Plant is responsible for supplying Sydney with 15% of its total water usage. In order to ensure that this critical piece of infrastructure meets its intended 100-year design life routine inspection and maintenance of the various structures within the plant is required. Of particular concern are the concrete structures which are exposed to seawater as issues relating to chloride ingress can dramatically reduce the life of these structures. 

Due to our extensive related experience SASTTI JV was engaged by the Plant operators (Veolia Water) to undertake a condition assessment of the concrete structures within the plant. Some of the structures inspected included water retaining structures, chemical bunds, switchrooms, filters and pumping stations. In total over 25 different structures were inspected.

During the inspection program the Desalination Plant was given instruction to commence recommissioning after being placed in standby for the previous 7 years. As the plant was required to be fully operational, and remain so for an extended period of time, it was critical that any issues that may affect the operation or longevity of the structures were resolved before the Plant went back online. SASTTI JV had to work collaboratively with Veolia Water to ensure that the tight deadlines were met for each of the structures and identify any precautionary measures to be completed prior to recommissioning.

SASTTI JV worked both within the existing durability framework in addition to drawing knowledge from our own experience to provide expert independent advice to deliver the work. Based on the results of the inspections SASTTI JV was also requested to make recommendations of the timing and scope of the next round of routine inspections to ensure that the concrete structures within the Plant achieve their intended design life.


  • Condition Assessment

  • Confined Space Inspection

  • Reservoirs & Tanks

  • Rehabilitation Assessment & Planning

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