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SASTTI JV undertakes confined space entry of a variety of structures to capture information relating to the condition, operation or dimensions of the asset. 

Services that can be provided include confined space man entry, preparation of safety documentation to meet legislative and organisational requirements, flow isolation and flow management planning and confined space support. This includes:
•    Sewers
•    Large Pipelines
•    Tunnels
•    Maintenance holes
•    Stormwater culverts
•    Sewer pumping stations
•    Reservoirs
•    Various treatment plant assets


SASTTI JV has also developed a 360˚ camera with lighting frame for times when confined space inspection may not be warranted due to isolation difficulties, safety concerns or other reasons. This technology  is ideal for capturing high resolution footage of shafts, wet wells and other structures and allows our personnel to view captured footage live on site. We can immediately gain an appreciation for the condition of the asset without the need for the additional controls and procedures that are required for person entry.  

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