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Campbelltown South Reservoir Roof Renewal

The Campbelltown South Reservoir was constructed in 1973, has a storage capacity of 27.3 million litres and is responsible for supplying thousands of residents in the local area. The 54m diameter reservoir roof was in poor condition and required replacement to ensure the ongoing operation of the reservoir.

The vast majority of Sydney Water’s reservoir roofs comprise of steel rafters constructed in a radial formation around a central column. Many of these reservoirs require continued maintenance to address issues relating to corrosion. A decision was made by Sydney Water to look at exploring other options to minimise future maintenance requirements and provide an increased lifespan of the structure. Our extensive experience with the condition assessment of Sydney Water reservoirs and reputation for working collaboratively with our clients to deliver key outcomes were key factors in SASTTI JV being awarded the work.

The SASTTI JV team were able to leverage their extensive experience in the condition assessment of reservoirs over the last 20 years to identify and eliminate many of the design shortfalls that can result in the dramatic reduction in the lifespan of reservoir roofs. This resulted in many key design innovations including:

  • Implementation of a grid shaped roof on a circular reservoir

  • Use of aluminium beams opposed to mild steel

  • Use of deep section aluminium sheeting to eliminate the need for purlins

  • Use of aluminium fixings for connections


Overall this resulted in a design that was more efficient, required less material, significantly lighter, reduced the number of connections between dissimilar metals, required less extensive surveying works of the circumference, required fewer columns, was significantly less susceptible to corrosion, requires less ongoing maintenance and has a greater lifespan. The total cost of the construction of the new reservoir roof was comparable to the previous designs however it is expected that there will be significant savings in the lifetime costs. Sydney Water have now adopted this design approach for other reservoir roof renewal projects.


  • Reservoirs & Tanks

  • Structural Design & Analysis

  • Rehabilitation Assessment & Planning

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