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Bankstown Elevated Reservoir Earthquake Analysis

Bankstown Elevated Reservoir was constructed circa 1915, has a storage capacity of 4.4 million litres and is used to supply the local Bankstown area. The heritage listed reinforced concrete reservoir is 25.9m in diameter and is supported 12m above ground level by a series of internal and external columns. Elevated reservoirs are known to be a risk under earthquake conditions due to the forced displacement of a large mass that is elevated above ground level.


Sydney Water commissioned SASTTI JV to carry out an extensive investigation and assessment of Bankstown Elevated Reservoir. The focus of the project was to determine the stability of the reservoir under earthquake loadings in accordance with current standards and to determine the susceptibility of the structure to damage during an earthquake event. Bankstown Elevated Reservoir is one of 11 elevated reservoirs where earthquake analysis was completed by SASTTI JV.


Some of the services offered as part of this work included:

  • Site inspections and condition assessment.

  • Finite Element (FE) structural modelling of the entire elevated reservoir and relevant features.

  • Static wind analyses for all directions.

  • Identification of highly stressed areas – “hot spots”.

  • Report on findings and recommendations.

  • Develop and evaluate options of strengthening.

  • Detail design, drawings and documentation for strengthening works.

  • Liaison with State Heritage Office to seek approval of strengthening schemes.  

  • Preparation of structural documentation, drawings and specifications for the approved strengthening scheme.

  • Natural frequency analyses.

  • Cost estimates of strengthening. 

  • Response spectrum analyses for earthquake.



  • Condition Assessment

  • Reservoirs & Tanks

  • Structural Design & Analysis

  • Rehabilitation Assessment & Planning

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